Fall Break is in full swing here in Indiana and our family is working on crossing off all those fall bucket list items: Apple orchard…check! Pumpkin patch…check! Binge watching all the new show episodes on YIPPEE TV…check! If you and your family are staying close to home this season, chances are you’ll need something to stay busy and keep your kids entertained. I’ve teamed up with Yippee to bring you 3 Crafts for Kids to get in the Fall Spirit.


Apple Volcanoes


Very few things are more exciting than erupting fruit! Go ahead, try to think of something…I’ll wait…

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Apples
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Liquid water color or food coloring
  • Spoons
  • Medicine droppers. 

My kids love experimenting. You cannot go wrong with the tried and true vinegar and baking soda reaction! After our trip to the apple orchard, we sifted through our apples and picked out a few that had some minor bumps and bruises. To create a volcano, we used an ice cream scoop and hallowed out the center of the apple. You only need to carve out enough of the apple to fit about a tablespoon of baking soda. Be sure not to make it too deep or your eruption will be less than stellar! We colored our vinegar using liquid watercolor (tip: dilute your vinegar with ½ water—it’ll make it last longer for experimenting!). The best part about this activity is letting your kids take over! They’ll get to explore color mixing, chemical reactions, and most importantly HAVE FUN!


Shaving Cream Art – Marbled Leaves


One of our most favorite things about fall in the Midwest is all of the beautiful colors around us. The leaves changing color really put us in the fall spirit! 

For this activity, you’ll need: 

  • White cardstock
  • Shaving cream
  • A dull knife or toothpick
  • Liquid watercolor or food coloring
  • A squeegee or ruler


First, you’ll want to draw some leaf shapes on the white cardstock and cut them out. This is the perfect time to fit in a science lesson about the various leaf shapes and their names! Next, you will create a bed of shaving cream on a tray or other washable surface. Add drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring (red, orange, and yellow of course!) to the bed of shaving cream. Using a knife or toothpick, swirl the colored drops around into the shaving cream. You are going for a marbled look, so be sure not to mix the colors so much so that you can’t see the swirly designs in your shaving cream.


Gently place your leaf shapes on top of the shaving cream and press around all of the edges. Let the paper sit for about 2 minutes. After removing the paper, use a squeegee or flat side of a ruler to scrape the excess shaving cream off.


I bet your kids’ mouths will drop at the magical swirling colors on their leaves! Let me tell you, I LIVE for those jaw-dropping moments where you’re able to find magic in your everyday.


Yarn Pumpkins


We can’t truly celebrate fall without paying homage to that famous orange fruit (or is it a vegetable?)! Am I right?! 

For this craft, you’ll need: 

  • Some balloons
  • Orange yarn
  • Kids’ liquid glue
  • A couple green and brown pipe cleaners. 

Here’s my disclaimer for this one: you will get messy! I always feel the need to put that in there because I appreciate a good warning if things will end up covered in glue (you’re welcome). With that being said, be sure you’re working in an area that can be easily cleaned! 


  1. Blow up your balloons into small spheres—not much air is needed! 
  2. Cut about 5-6 pieces of orange yarn into about 36 inch strands. 
  3. Pour liquid glue into a plastic bowl and dip them in glue, making sure to cover the entire strand. Slowly and carefully, run your fingers down the strand to remove excess glue. Your yarn should NOT be dripping in glue! 
  4. Wrap the yarn around the balloon in all different directions. When the yarn is completely dried, carefully pop the balloon inside and pull it away from the yarn.
  5. Use your pipe cleaners to add a fun swirly stem and leaf. These yarn pumpkins make the perfect fall décor to put around your house!


I hope you’ll have as much fun making these fall crafts with your kids as we did! And don’t worry…when it’s cleanup time, let go of that parent guilt and turn on YIPPEE TV’s “The Read It, Then Make It” show for even more kid-crafting fun!