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Dear Yippee Family,

We would like to take some time to outline how we at Yippee Kids TV protect your child’s viewing experience. We set out at the beginning to build a streaming service that is firmly faith-based and something that kids love. In a nutshell, our mission and vision simply is—parent-approved and loved by kids!

Not every single piece of content on Yippee has faith overtly integrated inside of it, but every single piece of content supports Christian values. Our approval process is rigorous and ensures your family is protected. Our standards are high because your family’s viewing experience is our number one concern.

Below, you will find the steps we take to ensure the content on Yippee is appropriate and reflective of Christian values:

  • Every piece of content is reviewed by the Yippee Content Committee, which is comprised of Yippee team members, including our network pastor.
  • Every piece of content is reviewed by real Christian parents — they preview every single episode. We also do not incorporate any algorithms or AI in any capacity in reviewing content.
  • Any piece of content that teaches the Bible is reviewed by our network pastor to ensure it is theologically sound in every way.
  • Any original production is rigorously reviewed at every stage by our network pastor and the Yippee Content Committee. This starts with a concept review, then a script review, casting reviews, and video edit reviews. There are many cycles of review and feedback that happen in our original show development process.
  • We curate content from some of the leading churches and Christian organizations in the kids' content space, and this content is reviewed, episode by episode, to ensure our standards.

Every piece of feedback or concern is taken seriously and addressed personally by our fantastic team that supports our Yippee families (our incredible customers).

Our goal is to curate as many amazing shows for children as possible that reflect Christian values. We strive to provide an alternative, Christian-based platform with the best-animated shows, biblical shows, and real-life content—while ensuring that the values displayed are scripturally based.

Of course, if you have any questions whatsoever about a piece of content, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

We appreciate your support and pray that Yippee blesses your family!

- The Yippee Team