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How Do I Cancel My Subscription

When you cancel, your video access will exist until the next charging cycle, but you will not be further charged.

Before taking the 1st step to cancel you will need to:

1.  Remember the email you use to subscribe.
2.  Remember the way you subscribed.

Here are different ways you can cancel depending on how you signed up. 

Apple iOS

If you signed up within an Apple iOS or Ap, go here.

Googleplay/ Android

If you signed up within a Google Play/Android app, go here.

*Please note that if you subscribed via the App Store or Google Play, your subscription cannot be paused, only canceled/resubscribed.


If you signed up within a Roku channel, go here.


If you signed up with Amazon, go here and click on 'Manage Appstore Subscriptions' follow the prompts to login into your account.

Internet Browser (via your computer or device)

1. Once you are logged in, click on the circular profile icon in the top right corner of your screen, and select 'Account Settings'.

2. Move your cursor over and select 'Billing & Subscriptions' tab.

3. Move your cursor over and select 'Manage Subscriptions' tab

4. At this point you can either change your subscription plan or move your cursor and select 'Cancel Subscription' tab.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 2.31.18 PM

5. Then select 'Cancel Subscription'

6. It will take you to a pop up window giving you reasons for cancelling please select an option and move cursor over again to 'Confirm Cancellation'

7. Once confirming cancellation you will receive an email to confirm your account has been 'Set to Cancel'. Your account will not fully cancel until either your trial period is up or paid period has finished. You will receive a full cancellation email once this period has expired.


NOTE: If you’re unable to see those options on the Purchases settings page, contact us and provide the last four digits of the card currently being charged or the email registered in the account and we’ll do a search to help you further. 

Our Customer Experience Team is standing by and will respond soon!

Thank you for being a Yippee customer.

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