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Faith-filled shows for kids of all ages

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Exclusive Danny Go episodes

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Popular shows only found on Yippee

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80+ episodes of VeggieTales

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No ads

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No algorithms

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No sassy attitudes

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And more!

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What do I need to do?

All we ask is that you share about Yippee with kids and families you serve. When you sign up we will give you a special promo code that you can share for families to get one month free of Yippee.

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Yippee reserves the right to change this program at any time and, of course, will communicate well in advance of any changes.

If any user is found to have abused the program or misrepresented themselves, Yippee reserves the right to revoke access to this program. We will communicate early and often and handle such instances gracefully.

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Parents and kids give Yippee TV a 5 Star Rating

Rated 5 Stars by Parents

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Parents and kids give Yippee TV a 5 Star Rating

We love Yippee!!

We love yippee!! Our family really notice a big difference in the way the little one's started to behave positive, more respectful & appreciative just from taking all other content they were watching, replacing with these wonderful yippee shows. Highly recommend this for all ages especially ADHD I've witnessed a little one almost instantly Go from bouncing off walls to sitting through there first full (20min) show. Blew my mind.. Thank you team yippee!! Very impressive programs.


Parents and kids give Yippee TV a 5 Star Rating

ACTUALLY safe for the family 

It's hard to turn to even tried and true kids' programming these days without worrying that values will be undermined. Not so with Yippee. There are fun shows, great kid's music, Veggie kids have been obsessed with Danny Go since the first time I put it on, and we love doing dance parties to CJ & Friends! I can't wait to see this option expand so it can be the only thing we bother putting on!

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Parents and kids give Yippee TV a 5 Star Rating

I am so glad that I finally purchased the year subscription 

My kids love it so much and so do I! Thank you for giving me something that I can let my kids watch without worrying, and also something that I enjoy listening to as well! Of course we love veggie tales, but we've also found Danny go and the daily devotionals. Plus tons of other great content, thank you again so much, God bless you all!

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Parents and kids give Yippee TV a 5 Star Rating

Streaming for kids I can trust

Our family absolutely loves Yippee TV! It has truly clean content with a biblical perspective. I love that it has veggie tales and super book. They are consistently getting new shows too. There are shows for younger kids and older kids too! I trust the content to be Christian too. Unlike other channels, they do not try to sneak in inappropriate content.

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