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The Safest Streaming Apps for Kids: Yippee TV vs. Minno & Pure Flix

The Safest Streaming Apps for Kids: Yippee TV vs. Minno & Pure Flix

What you show your kids matters. Parents are increasingly interested in alternatives to YouTube and Disney+ due to concerns over the messages their kids are being exposed to.

Enter Christian streaming apps. These apps give families peace of mind because, typically, parents and pastors vet every show.

There are three big players that offer a great selection of shows for your family: Yippee, Minno, and Pure Flix.

In this blog, we’ll break them down as unbiasedly as possible (along with links for you to fact-check). This includes examining their shows, special offers, and pricing.

We’ll also share five reasons why we think you should choose Yippee and give you an exclusive discount code.

Minno Streaming

Named after the passage in John 15:4, when Jesus says, “abide in me, and I will abide in you,” Minno is the Greek verb, to abide. This streaming app aims to help you share Jesus with your kids through streaming.



Pure Flix Streaming

Sony-owned Pure Flix says its mission is “to select God-honoring media that strengthens your faith and values, is wholesome, suitable for the entire family, and streamed seamlessly on any device.”

In 2023, Pure Flix merged with Great American Media (best known as a rival to the Hallmark channel).


Yippee Kids TV

Yippee is the top app for Christian family content. With Yippee TV, your family can stream endless hours of popular, faith-filled shows without worrying about ads, algorithms or attitudes. Watch endless hours of VeggieTales, and Bible Stories such as Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, and Jesus and his Disciples. And fun dance and singalong shows like Danny Go!


5 Reasons to Choose Yippee TV Over Minno and Great American Pure Flix

  1. 88 VeggieTales Episodes - more than anyone else!
  2. 55+ Exclusive series, including exclusive Danny Go! content.
  3. The lowest yearly cost of any Christian streaming service, plus you can stream on 10 devices all at once!
  4. Yippee has 335 TV Series and Movies and over 7k episodes with 71,000+ minutes of content.
  5. Yippee has offline content available and has more apps than anyone else.


My 3 year old loves Yippee! She’s especially obsessed with Maggie’s Market and Danny Go. I’m excited about them having all the original veggie tales that I watched as a kid. So many good, safe videos for littles to enjoy and learn about God while they’re at it. No scary or inappropriate ads, which was a big one for me. 10 out of 10 recommend.



Exclusive Discount Code for Yippee TV

Ready to sign up for Yippee but want the best annual price? Enter “COMPARE” when you sign up for an annual subscription and pay just $44.10 annually (a discount of 10% off our already great yearly price).

"Get 10% off of Yippee with discount code" blue marker background with a happy little girl wearing a blue princess dress

Yippee TV logo in whiteYippee TV is a family-friendly streaming service dedicated to providing safe, wholesome, and entertaining content for children. Featuring a wide array of shows, movies, and original series, Yippee TV aims to deliver positive, educational, and fun programming that parents can trust. With a focus on values-based content, Yippee TV ensures an engaging and enriching viewing experience for young audiences.

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