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Yippee TV VS. Minno VS. PureFlix: The Best Place to watch Christian cartoons like VeggieTales

There are dozens of streaming networks, and several of them claim to be “family-friendly.” But how appropriate are these streaming services for kids? Yippee TV is a network that parents can count on. Yippee TV is a streaming service with Christian content that has no ads, algorithms, or attitudes. The shows on Yippee TV are safe for families with kids ages 2–10 and fun!

Yippee TV streams popular shows like VeggieTales and Superbook and newer hits like Owlegories and Monster Truck Adventures where characters are role models.

Check out some of these popular kid’s shows streaming on Yippee TV:

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New VeggieTales

You have doubtlessly heard of VeggieTales, the beloved Christian computer-generated musical animated series that has been entertaining children the very first episode, Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?, was released in December 1993. Perhaps you even watched the series while you were growing up! The VeggieTales series continues to educate children by re-telling Biblical stories, sharing life lessons, and everyone’s favorite silly songs.

In 2019, Yippee TV became the exclusive streaming service of new episodes of The VeggieTales Show and releases episodes monthly in 2019-2022. The new episodes include all of the classic VeggieTales characters, including Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, and Mr. Nezzer, in brand new, never-before-seen adventures.

Watch brand new episodes of The VeggieTales Show exclusively on Yippee TV with a free trial today!



Classic VeggieTales

Not only does Yippee TV have brand new episodes of The VeggieTales Show every month, but Yippee TV also features all of the classic episodes of the series that children have loved for decades, including Where's God When I'm S-Scared?, Dave and the Giant Pickle, Josh and the Big Wall!, and Madame Blueberry. You can watch your favorite episodes that you remember from your childhood with your children. See if you remember all the words to your favorite Silly Songs!

Watch classic episodes of VeggieTales exclusively on Yippee TV with a free trial today!




The animated Superbook television series features Chris J. Quantum, a middle school student from the future who uses a time-traveling device called Superbook to travel back in time to witness Biblical stories. This exciting, fast-paced series introduces children to important Biblical stories from both the Old and New Testaments as Chris learns how to solve his problems by learning from Scripture. Superbook on Yippee TV is one of the best shows to teach your children the most important Bible stories.

As a bonus, you can also watch classic episodes of the original series of Superbook on Yippee TV, too!

Watch episodes of Superbook on Yippee TV with a free trial today!




The animated Christian series Owlegories is the perfect series to introduce younger viewers to important lessons from the Bible. These short Owlegories episodes on Yippee TV feature a class of adorable owls as they learn all about how God and faith impact their everyday lives in nature. Your little ones will love the bright colors as they learn all about their faith.

Watch episodes of Owelgories on Yippee TV with a free trial today!



Monster Truck Adventures

Kids love cars, which makes Monster Truck Adventures the perfect animated show to teach good values to your young ones. Your children will love watching trucks like Meteor and his friends as they race through their adventures in their hometown of Crushington Park. Monster Truck Adventures on Yippee TV is an exciting, thrilling Christian animated series that will soon have your kids hooked!

Watch episodes of Monster Truck Adventures on Yippee TV with a free trial today!

Yippee TV features 1,000s of hours of faith-filled series including all of the Christian cartoons for kids that your children will love. Yippee TV is made by parents for your Christian family and is rooted in faith, parent-approved, and tons of fun. Get your family a free trial of Yippee TV today!